What is XartNote

XartNote is an open source diary, note and journal tool. Written by php, fully compatible with linux and windows (other platforms are available, but not tested), without database required.
Support rich text format, support images, support tags, support multi-language, support template.

****** The data is the most important ******
All data files be stored separately by the '.html' format rather than a proprietary file format or compressed single file.
If you stop using XartNote a long time, When you find the archive log or notebook at many years ago, you do not have to worry about the compatibility of the software version, you do not have to worry about the compatibility of the operating system, you do not even remember the name of the XartNote, you can still read all of your data files using any web browser, without the need to install any other software.


- Totally free, open source based GPL2.0
- Written in php-based, fully compatible with linux and windows system (or other system platforms, not tested)
- Html note format, the note file can view to use any web browser to view and do not need the other program( even XartNote ) 
- Calendar support, you can view through the calendar any time period used to added or edited documents
- Support to insert images
- Support to grab the web page, copy whole or any part of a web page, and paste to XartNote, the original rich text format will be kept and the all pictures will be automatically downloaded to the local directory.
- Organizing the note files based on the tags
- Two stage directory trees, easy document classification
- Index files to plain text format, without database required
- UTF-8 encoding, support for language files
- Support for templates, you can design your own interface
- Support for plugins, you can write script to do the other things
- Support for add the external file, you can directly copy some HTML files to any directory. the XartNote through the 'update' function to automatically add the file index, In some cases, for example for bulk saved web page, this function is more convenient.

  Enjoy it ;-)



I release the new version xartnote-0.6.

* changed the default editor to CKeditor, tinyMCE is option
* auto insert the horizontal line and the current time when editing a note.
* added the inline edit function in view_note page
* added option about directory password protection
* jquery upgraded to version 1.9.1
* fixed some bugs in version 0.5


I release the new version xartnote-0.4.

To fixed some bugs and adjusted script struture for future development.